Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Admirable traditional fashion in graduation at UPNG, a trend to preserve culture in PNG: writes Cleopatra Kolta

THERE is no event compared to graduations when it comes to fashion apart from a fashion show itself. It may be the only event that some people dress up for but the memory lasts a lifetime.
While the event itself is significant as it marks the labour of a student, it is somewhat an eye opener for those who follow the latest trend of fashion.
The recent 61st Graduation Ceremony at the University of Papua New Guinea is no exception when it comes to delivering fashion at the podium.
Seeing the young Papua New Guineans adorned with traditional finery as they received their awards shows that they are ready to serve their country.
Again it comes down to taking pride in our culture and preserving it but the challenge to find a job and serve their country lies ahead.

Photos: Some of the graduating students at the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby with traditional attire hanged to their gowns. Image: Cleopatra Kolta/Port Moresby/August 2016.

Source: NAUFM News.

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