Sunday, 21 August 2016

Enga Cultural Show 2016 stands out dynamic, colourful and exotic!

LIKE many other cultural festivals in Papua New Guinea, the Enga Cultural Show is a full live display of cultural diversity and exotic performances. Enga Province is one of the culturally-rich highlands provinces that offers a very colourful, dynamic and exotic cultural experiences. 
In the 2016 Enga Cultural Show, many tribes from the highlands come to participate to showcase their tribal beats - in the highlands of Papua New Guinea culture is the pride of the tribe. 

Below are random photographs from the 2016 Enga Cultural Show by Bess Aipel
Sili-muli girls.

Engan men in their tribal beat.
The crowd at Enga Cultural Show 2016
A couple at the show in traditional attire.
The popular Sili-Muli girls from Wabag in the middle.
Engan men and women in full concentration.
From a distance!
Sili-muli girls.
Enga Provincial Governor Sir Peter Ipatas surrounding by Sili-muli girls at the show.
Marching into the festival arena.
Photographer Bess Aipal with a Huli man at the show.

Photographs courtesy of Bess Aipal. She is a teacher by profession and teaches at Tupiokotesa Primary School, Wapenamanda District, Lower Lai in Enga Province. Aipal decided to take time out during the weekend to have fun with the diversity of cultures at the show. The photographs are published with her permission. Reuse of any photos may acknowledge the photographer.

VIDEO: From the local television EMTV News on the 2016 Enga Cultural Show. Enjoy!  

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