Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hela Wigmen: The colour, costumes and pride of Huli realm

The colour, costumes and pride of Hela Province - the HELA WIGMEN, the most popular and PNG's eye-catching international cultural icon. In the Ajako Paul photograph is Chief Timbapu and his friend at Alua River in Wabia Village, Tari, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea.

Photos: Chief Timbapu with his friend at Alua River, Wabia village in Tari, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea. Image: Ajako Paul (aka Dabuma)/Tari/2016.


  1. Yesterdays papers (Post Courier 09 Aug, 2016):

    The NCC and Minister for Arts & Culture & the Hela Provincial Government signed an MOU to promote Hela Wigmen in the country in the name of Tourism. This is boost the promotion of the Hela Provinces Indigenous Cultures.

    I also assisted the group from Wabia & Hulia to establish and register their group called the "INDIGENOUS HELA CULTURE & TOURISM VENTURE LIMITED". The group is registered as a company with IPA on the 21 May, 2013. The team is chaired by Mr Andrew Andaja from Wabia Village and Co-Chaired by Mr Henry Hukumapo from Tani Village. I hope to support the group to promote tourism work in hela and also to maintain environmental and cultural stability in the province with the support of the Hela Provincial Government and the local communities. If there are some ways that your organisation can support, would be great!