Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kandep Singsing Group displays its richness in Cultural Heritage at the Enga Cultural Show: August 2016

KANDEP district in the Enga Province has a distinctive and unique traditional culture. Its uniqueness is such it holds the treasures and cultural values of the Kandep populace; whom take pride in their cultural heritage. 
The photos below are Kandep singsing group displaying their richness in their cultural heritage at the Enga Cultural Show, in August 2016. The Enga Cultural Show is an annual event in the first week of every August. The Mt. Hagen Cultural Show is scheduled a week later after Enga Cultural Show in same month.  
Kandep singsing group marching through to the Enga Cultural Show arena. Image: Ronald Kurai / Facebook/Enga Cultural Show/2016

The colour, costumes, style and dancing patterns from Kandep at the Enga Cultural Show. Image: Peter MK Andrew / Facebook/Enga Cultural Show/2016.

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