Sunday, 21 August 2016

PNG local artist needs greater exposure for his cultural paintings


IT was one of his posts on Facebook that caught my eyes. He posted two of his latest paintings, he is my Facebook friend, never meet him in person. He is a talented yet down to earth young man with much passion and commitment. He is Clement Koys, the lad from Simbu origin who resides in Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea.

His paintings are very attractive and eye-catching. Any of his work buzzing through the Newsfeed may catch anyone's attention. But to me, I guess, in a more different way. Since I am interested in PNG Cultural Heritage and have been doing some volunteer work on cultural preservation and promotion and am still doing - this time using technology, the computer and internet technology to write a blog "The Melanesian Way Inc", Clement's painting of a Tari man (from Hela Province) and a Hagen man (from Western Highlands Province) are two of his fascinating work that gives me an urge for cultural preservation through painting. He is a greatly talented young man with the growing desire in his work and would make a great artist in the area of preservation cultural heritage. When asked if PNG Government Authorities are helping him to market and promote his work, he said he has never asked for help from the Government authority but would welcome if any help to promote this work.

In my blog, I try to capture the PNG Cultural Heritage through photographs, videos and audio recordings to preserve and promote our indigenous culture that is gradually dying out with the Western influence. I do this on a volunteer basis and I mentioned to him if I can assist Clement Koys to promote his work on my blog while preserving the cultures through his paintings. We both agreed anonymously, I guess, the idea to work together serve each other's missions. Clement wants a greater exposure of his paintings on the international scene while I would enjoy to publish his paintings on my blog as a way to preserve the Melanesian Cultures through blogging. Using internet technology to preserve the indigenous culture.

Clements sells his two paintings for K600 each, the price depends on the size of his paintings. He is reachable by mobile phone on: +67572339555. As a freelance artist he is able to complete two paintings per day, producing at least 10 piece of complete work in a week. Our meet on Facebook sees a way ahead of us to work hand-in-hand to promote and preserve the culture and to support Clement to make his living off paintings as a freelancer. Koys can also be contacted via Facebook at:

Happy viewing!
Clement Koys' artwork - The Tari Man - K600

Clement Koys and one of his artwork.
The Hagen Man. Going on for sale at K600.
Clement Koys at work for the SHP Governor William Powi's portray.

Clement Koys - the artist.
Peter Kinjap - PNG Cultural Preservation blogger

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