Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Malaitan Festival set to go: Celebration of "The Red, Blue and White" colours in Honiara

THE National Malaitan Fundraising Committee (NMFC) has finalized the festival tentative program organised for the Malaita second appointed day on August 15 at the Art Gallery in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The festival will begin at dawn with traditional drum beatings and corn shell blowing which will engage two vehicles, one covering east road and the other west side. Traditionally, it is a symbolic of an urgent call for community gathering.

According to a statement from the Committee, the act is an honorable invitation for Malaitans to come together consultation.

There will be different kinds of activities that will feature Malaita in different spheres of activities-a day for refocusing, re-energizing, recommitment, building resilience and confidence to move forward.

All activities entailed in the programme will gear towards uniting Malaitans and it hopes to ignite a new spirit of Malaita patriotism, ownership and pride towards Malaita development.

The theme encapsulate the primary purpose of the day; RISE UP MALAITA!!!

Vice Chairman of the National Malaitans Fundraising Committee, Redley Raramo calls on any voluntary Malaita Groups to come forth and register their interest.

“We need Malaita Musicians, Custom Dancing groups, Contemporary Malaita music, religious groups, communities and individuals to come forth and support this cause.

“From the Northern tip to Southern tip-East to Central Malaita and to the Malaita outer islands, come in your traditional costumes-in Malaita flag colours (Red, Blue and White) to celebrate and support the cause.

“We sought for your financial and in-kind ‘Tributes’ towards the proposed Malaita Provincial Chamber project. It is time we heartily give back to our Island Province for its development progress.

Source: The Island Sun / Honiara/2016

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