Saturday, 6 August 2016

Melanesian Way Inc blog strives to preserve, record and promote cultural events in Papua New Guinea

THERE is no doubt that our Melanesian traditional cultures are fading away gradually. Because our cultural values and practices were "orally" passed from generation to generation, there is a greater chance whereby if one generation fail to practice and keep the cultural values, it will be dying out so easily.

As such is the trend we are facing today, this blog is created to preserve and promote our 'oral' culture. Our aim is to post photos, videos and stories about our dying cultures as a way to preserve it and promote it. We start by capturing the cultural events as they happen throughout the country.      

Without culture, we have no trace of our real identify. Culture holds our identify and Melanesian uniqueness that makes us different from other people on the face of this planet earth!

Some of the cultural events that we have started to work on are:
1) DWU Cultural Day
2) Enga Cultural Show
3) Goroka Cultural Show
4) Hiri Moale Festival
5) Lukim PNG Nau (an event supported by PNG Tourism Promotion Authority)
6) Morobe Cultural Show
7) Mt. Hagen Cultural Show
9) Don Bosco Cultural Day  
10) Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival
11) Simbu Cultural Show
12) Others

These are some of the events. We will keep posting more photographs, articles and videos about the cultural events throughout the country.
Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festvial - an annually event held in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, supported by WWF. Image: Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival/Facebook Page/2016.

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