Sunday, 28 August 2016

"TINGIM GUT BIHAIN BILONG YUMI" (Our actions today determines our future) is the theme for 2016 Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival

"TINGIM GUT BIHAIN BILONG YUMI" (Our actions today will determine our future) is the theme for the 2016 Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival facilitated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and to be hosted at Daga Village in Pimaga District Station, Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

WWF is an international conservation NGO operating in the Kikori River Basin which covers Kikori, Bosavi, Kutubu & Semberigi areas in the Southern Highlands Province. 

Its main aim is to encourage the local communities to preserve and maintain the integrity of the natural rich cultural and biodiversity of the regions in which they belong to as its their pride and life. Although, challenges are faced in all forms of life and phases, there are opportunities and strengths in which the people can step on not to lose track of their past and future. 

In this case, as the organizer of the event "Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival" WWF is proud to remind the people of Kutubu, Kikori, Bosavi and Semberigi again that "lets not forget that our pride is our culture and environment" therefore the theme for 2016 is "TINGIM GUT BIHAIN BILONG YUMI" our actions now will determine our future!

The T-shirt printing layout (photo below) of the 06th Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival, 2016 is complete. T-shirts will be sold at the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival for only PGK40.00.

A special invitation is sent out to all the sponsors and supporters of the 06th Kutubu Kundu & Digaso Festival.
Cordially the invitation goes out to sponsors and supporters for their service/product promotions/awareness purposes during the festival on the 23rd-24th Sept, 2016. Invitations to buy stalls also goes out to the following;

1. Mineral Resource Development Corporation) (MRDC)
2. World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
3. Community Development Initiative (CDI)
4. Oil Search Limited - Environment (OSL)
5. Oil Search Limited - Health (OSL)
6. Oil Search Limited - Community Affai rs (OSL)
7. Exxon Mobil PNG (EMPNG)
8. Mananda Umbrella Joint venture (MUJV)
9. Airlines PNG (APNG)
10. National Cultural Commission (NCC)
11. Lake Kutubu Orchid Growers
12. Virgin Rainforest Protection Inc (VRP)
13. Kutubu LLG Youth Group
14. Kutubu Womens Counci (KWC)
15. Kutubu Foe Culture
16. Lake Kutubu Wildlife Management Area (LKWMA)
17. Kikori Womens Group
18. Mt Bosavi Ecotourism Group
19. TUBO Eco-Tourism LODGE
20. Semberigi Polopa Womens Group
21. Secto Commnet Services Limited, Kutubu-SHP
22. Wame Blood
23. Kutubu/Kikori Eco-Forestry Association
24. PNG Air
25. Trans Wonder Land Limited
26. Kutubu Arts & Crafts
27. Enga Traditional Salt Display

The festival this year is BIGGER & BETTER, COME and CELEBRATE IN KUTUBU!

Part of the crowd that attended the festival last year 2015.

The T-shirt printing that will be going on for sale at PGK40 during the festival.
A tree Kangaroo on show last year 2015 at the festival.

WWF Stall at the festival site prepared.
Daga Village where the festival will take place.
Photographs courtesy of Saina Jeffery /WWF.

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