Monday, 15 August 2016

Wabag Cultural Festival 2016 - Traditional cultures, Different tribes, Selected colours and Meaningful chants

ONCE every year in the first week of  August, Enga Cultural come alive with traditional cultures, different tribes, selected colours and meaningful chants. This year (2016) was a great success for show goers including international tourists. Mapai Transport and Enga Provincial Government were the major sponsors of the event. Looking forward to next year around the same time. 

For the International Tourists, the main (and cynics might say, only) reason to visit Wabag is the annual Enga Cultural Show, a smaller version of the Mt. Hagen and Goroka Cultural Shows but now getting bigger and better each year. Like the Mt. Hagen Cultural Show, it is held in August, presumably with the hope of drawing some of the Hagen crowds to Wabag. It’s a tactic that seems to work.

Photos: Supplied/2016.

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