Thursday, 25 August 2016

Women welcoming guests with Kundu Beats at 5-mile Kona Church, Lae, Morobe Province

IN every gathering anywhere in Papua New Guinea, at least there seem an evidence of a local touch of the event.

Here in Lae, Morobe Province at 5-mile Kona Church where the Mindset Training Graduation ceremony has seen a total of 120 women and 60 men graduating and the dancing mothers decided to welcome the guests with kundu beats in their traditional attire. 

This trend of putting in a traditional touch to any event is less noticed, rather a normal thing within the society but this means something to those who are concerned about preserving and promoting the cultural values and dances. 

Photographs below from Hon. Loujaya Kouza, Lae MP who attended the graduation. The training was conducted with the support of Lae District.

Happy viewing!  

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