Thursday, 8 September 2016

Goroka Cultural Show 2016 will be bigger and better celebrating the 60th anniversary


PREPERATIONS are already under way for the 60th Goroka Cultural Show anniversary, from the 16th to the 18th of September this year - 2016.

And everything, from the show activities to the construction of stalls will all be traditional and culture oriented.

The Goroka Cultural Show committee is on schedule and is preparing to host a big cultural event to mark Goroka Cultural Show’s 60th anniversary.

Chairlady of Goroka Cultural Show Committee Keryn Hargreaves said this year’s Goroka Show has attracted many international tourists and local show goers.

"In fact the Goroka Cultural Show is the main event that drives the tourism industry in the province," Mrs Hargreaves said.

"And we are expecting to see more tourists during this show and were are preparing to meet the expectations of our tourists as well as local show goers," Mrs Hargreaves said.

She said all hotel accommodations in Goroka have been fully booked in advance by tourists, and that is how the excitement for the 60th Goroka Cultural Show is building up.

She said there are many activities organised for the show and the public is reminded that they will see an eventful cultural show.

Some of the activities that show goers are expected to see during the Goroka show in September are more than 130 different cultural singsing groups, traditional fire making, greasy pigs for both children and adults, wood cutting using axe, bilum and basket displays, flowery culture competition and many more.

Many of these cultural events will be judged for prices.

There will also be an am-phi theatre where live bands and string bands will perform.

With an aim to make the 60th Goroka Show this year memorable, the Goroka Show Committee has called on all the eight Members of Parliament from the eight districts of Eastern Highlands Province to assist their people in their respective districts to participate during the show.

She added that the provincial and local members of parliament must support the show as it is one major event that brings all the people from the province together to display their cultures and traditions.

Variety of cultural groups from different tribes will perform at the show.

Below is a photo collection of some of the cultural groups that will perform at the show.
Happy viewing!
Asaro Mudmen from Goroka
Welda girls from Mt. Hagen

Member of the Welda Team

Girls from Jiwaka

Skeleton dance 

Sili-muli girls from Wabag

Welda girls

Skeleton Dance 

Simbu dancers 

Men from Nebilyer 

VIDEO: Goroka Cultural Show in  2014 tribal sing sing  

Source: Post Courier

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