Saturday, 17 September 2016

"Our culutures and traditions are our identity and we must preserve them to maintain our identify," Culture and Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang told Goroka Show


MORE than 30,000 Papua New Guineans came in one color, red, gold and black.

This showed the national unity and attracted many tourists to either wear a PNG colored shirt or paint their face to be part of the celebrating spirit.

These tourists, numbering more than 5,000 and the general Papua New Guineans were entertained by more than 130 cultural singsing groups from throughout the country.

This was what the 60th Goroka Cultural Show was like yesterday and today and it was described as the country’s main Independence event by the Culture and Tourism Minister, Tobias Kulung, who officiated at the official show day.

Minister Kulang said during his speech that the cultures and traditions of Papua New Guinea are important and must be practiced regularly to perceive its uniqueness and originality.

“Our cultures and traditions are our identity and we must preserve them in order to have our identity in the world,” Minister Kulang said.

“The Government of Papua New Guinea through the Department of Culture and Tourism aims to promote our cultures and traditions through such cultural shows and other cultural activities.”

The Minister said the national government through its different departments and state owned enterprises is the major sponsor of the show demonstrating the commitment the Government of PNG has to promote Papua New Guinea’s unique cultures and traditions.

The Minister on behalf of the Government of PNG and its people welcomed the international tourists and thanked them for their interest in the country and its people.

Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso during her speech said the Goroka Cultural Show is a cultural event every year which gathers the rest of Papua New Guinea in Goroka, EHP.

Governor Soso said the provincial government under her leadership has supported the Goroka Cultural Show over the years as it is an important cultural event.

She said the cultural show is also the major tourist attraction and plays an important duty in the tourism industry on the province and the country.

She thanked the national government and state enterprises for being the major sponsors and also acknowledged other business houses for their continuous supports.

Mrs Soso urged the different cultural groups to continue to proudly display their cultures and traditions as they are our heritage.

The Goroka Cultural Show Committee showed their appreciation to their guests by presenting them with live pigs, taros, yams, sugarcanes, bananas and many other vegetables and items.


Next year 2017 September, the festival will be even bigger and better. To book or for more information about the event in 2017 - contact the blogger or the show committee.

Alex Dimain photographs below are from the celebrations in 2016, September.

Happy viewing!

Source: Post Courier.

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