Saturday, 17 September 2016

PNG's 41 Independence Day concedes with the 60th Goroka Cultural Show - 2016


THE 60th Goroka Cultural Show and 41st PNG Independence will showcase some of the country unique and alive cultures and traditional that is never found anywhere in the world.

Cultures and traditional values and practices from around the 22 provinces is now displayed and showcased to thousands of people including more than 500 foreign tourists who flew in as early as Monday this week.

Traditional signsing groups from as far the famous Huli wigmen from the resource rich Hela province to traditional dancers from the beautiful Manus conversed for one of the country’s oldest shows ever.

While the different cultural practices is going, several other entertaining activities is going on while others will followed before the show ends at 3.30pm this afternoon.

The second day program now started with pillow fight and that is followed by target shooting using traditional bows and arrows when the show started at 10.00 am this morning.

These activities were followed by tug of war at 11 am and wood cutting.

Starting at 1pm today, activities like catching a greasy live pig will be on to allow the public to catch the pig and win it.

This will be followed by greasy pole climb, a contest for people with the ability to climb greasy pole to collect free household items including mattresses, pillows and pots among the many other prices placed on the top of the pole.
For next year 2017 September, the festival will be even bigger and better. To book or for more information about the event in 2017 - contact the blogger or the show committee.

Random photographs below are from the celebrations in 2016, September.

Happy viewing!

Source: Post Courier

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