Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The 2016 Hiri Moale Festival has attracted tourists from around the world and it has greater tourism attraction potential

THE recent 2016 Hiri Moale Festival in Port Moresby has attracted tourist from all over the world.

Tourists, when asked said they were either travelling or just passing through to head back to their home countries.

There were Chinese, Filipino, Australians, North and South Korea, New Zealand and even South Africa.

Those that were residing in Port Moresby said this year was yet another bigger and better festival compared to the 2014 festival.

“This festival is one of kind and Papua New Guineans should be proud of their traditions for bringing this far into the future and this should go on for generations to come,” says an African tourists.

He said: "festivals like this you don’t see anywhere else in the world and I am glad to be one of the few from my end of the world to have seen this."

The festival has a great potential to attraction thousands from different parts of the world.

Source: PNG Loop

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